Lumico set online

Lumico online in 2023 has been recognized in the HR Tech Changer report as one of 58 solutions for HR Tech 馃槉.

The award is in two categories :

馃憠Feedback & communication


馃憠Learning &development

Link to purchase: Lumico-Online app

What does Lumico online contain ?

Lumico online contains what the desktop set contains ie :

  • 80 cards with a picture – possibility to turn the card to the drawing side
  • 80 cards with a drawing – possibility to turn the card to the side with a photo
  • 40 questions
  • 40 slogans
  • history of participants’ choices
  • online manual with 20 exercises
  • access to lumico online for each participant of coaching / meeting / workshop

How does it work ?

When you buy access to Lumico online, you choose one of 3 subscriptions :

  • 30 days – for 30 PLN
  • 90 day – for 60 PLN
  • 120 days – for 100 PLN

You can use Lumico online on all operating systems and on any device including mobile devices such as tablet or phone. When conducting coaching / workshops / or training, you can easily grant access for your participants. Thanks to this , each of them will have access to Lumico online on their screen. This is the freedom to view cards, drawings , questions or passwords. It’s the convenience of working in sub-rooms where each participant can make choices and share that information with the others.

Sub-rooms can refer to smaller groups of participants within a larger online group. This will definitely enable better interaction, collaboration and work in smaller groups.

You don’t have to share your screen, with this solution even when conducting an individual coaching session you can give access to your client .

What can you use Lumico online for?

To promote reflection and understanding:

Metaphor cards can provide symbolic images that help participants understand abstract concepts. This can lead to deeper reflection on one’s own thoughts, feelings and experiences, practically when working on any topic .

Enriching the thought process:

Metaphors can help participants grasp difficult situations , transforming them into clearer images. This can increase creativity and diversity of thought.

Facilitating communication:

Metaphors can serve as a universal language to facilitate communication. A common set of metaphors can help communicate ideas more effectively between participants and the coach.

Increasing engagement:

Using interactive online cards can make coaching sessions or workshops more dynamically engaging. Participants may be more willing to actively participate in the process.

Supporting self-discovery:

Metaphors often relate to life situations, which can help participants better understand themselves, their goals and challenges.
Lumico online allows for a more focused and interactive exchange of ideas. where different groups discuss different aspects of a project or task. In addition, the application is immediately in two languages Polish and English . You will certainly find inspiration for exercises in the manual , which is in Lumico online.

Instruction PDF Lumico-Online